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Swimming Goggles


  • Will you offer lessons this year?

    • YES! See the Swim Lessons page for details​​

  • Do I need to be a member to swim? 

    • Lessons and swim team offer non-member rates, however for any free swim hours you must be a member or their guest​

  • Are guests allowed? How does that work?​

    • Yes! We use a guest pass system. Guests allowed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Blocks of 10 passes are sold for $50. Two swimming guests are allowed at a time with members- be sure they have a liability form on file!

  • After purchasing a membership, when do I bring in the forms?

    • After purchasing a membership, please have all adults in the household sign the liability and membership forms, and bring them when the pool is open or along for your first visit

  • Can I rent the pool for a private party?

    • Yes, depending on availability. Typically availability is Fri-Sun between 10am and 1pm (before normal pool hours). For $125/hour, members can have the pool to themselves with up to 15 swimmers, or $5 per additional swimmer. The cost includes two lifeguards on duty. 

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